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Huffman Health & Wellness is dedicated to cultivating enduring transformations through the power of habit formation and holistic revitalization. We specialize in IV therapy and all things weight loss. Our clients can choose from a variety of weight loss and health optimization tools including: nutrition programs, health coaching, medication assisted programs, hormone optimization and more! Our commitment is to deliver exceptional care specifically designed to fulfill your unique needs. Health is not one size fits all. Therefore, we are dedicated to learning about what is important to you, creating a wellness plan and equipping you with all the tools necessary to reach all of your health related aspirations. We foster not only immediate wellness victories, like weight loss and energy optimization, but also pave the way for a lifetime of optimal health that can be passed down through generations to come.

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“I've been working with Huffman Health & Wellness for a few months now and have seen incredible results. Their coaching has helped me establish healthy habits that have transformed my life.”

- Sarah T.

“Huffman Health & Wellness has been an invaluable resource on my health journey. Their personalized wellness plan has made a huge difference in my energy levels and overall wellbeing.”

- Jack W.

“I highly recommend Huffman Health & Wellness to anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Their team is knowledgeable, supportive, and truly cares about their clients.”

- Emily F.

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